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Welcome to RCHelicopter.net.nz

We have a wide range of RC remote control helicopters of varying sizes and channels. We also have popular gyro helicopters which provide improved control and are great for beginner pilots. If you are looking for a mini/toy RC helicopter for indoor use you might want to check out our 150-250mm range. Our largest heli is a massive 1 metre in length!


There are several different channel types, here is a quick explanation of how they differ.

  • 3 Channel: Our entry level heli's are 3ch which means they turn left/right, hover up/down and can go backwards and forwards.
  • 3.5 Channel: The 3.5ch heli's are physically the same as the 3ch however they usually have an added feature such as iPhone or Android control. We also have a range that can fire missles.
  • 4 Channel: 4ch heli's have all of the functionality of a 3ch heli with the addition of being able to slideslip left and right making them more lifelike.
  • 6 Channel: 6ch heli's are as close as you can get to the dynamics of a real helicopter. They allow the controller to perform a number of tricks such as barrel rolls and inverted flying.